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Bachelor's Degree in Telecommunications Systems, Sound and Image Engineering Gandia Campus, Universitat Politècnica de València

This degree aims to teach students the functioning of systems that are used to encode, transmit, receive and process information in any format. Information may be given in different formats such as audio, video or data through different media (Internet, mobile communication systems, etc.). In addition, the programme of this degree includes the study of audio systems and equipment, as well as the design of facilities for the production and recording of audio-visual material.

The curriculum has a practical approach. Students will experience situations that will be similar to the ones they will encounter when they have finished their degree. They will also analyse and value the social and environmental impact of different issues. You can also take courses in languages, economics, business management and programming.

This degree enables you to work as a telecommunications engineer in the specializations of Sound and Vision or Telecommunication Systems. For this, you will need to choose between the optional courses that are offered in the Gandia campus.

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