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(32960) - Environmental Engineering (1B)
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Subject name

Environmental Engineering

Subject description

In this subject the students will learn the basic knowledge and the application of environmental and sustainability technologies. They will study the phenomena of water pollution and its treatment, air pollution and its prevention and treatment, management of waste, hazardous waste and soil pollution.

Students will also have tools for the prevention of pollution in industry and for achieving and managing environmental sustainability.

Students will learn to recognize the factors which relate the company with the environment. The relevance of implementing policies oriented towards the sustainability of the system will also be addressed.

At the end of the course, students will be able to:

  • Solve simple problems of flow and balances of matter and energy.
  • Solve simple environmental pollution problems (environments: air, water, soil).
  • Choose between different environmental technologies to minimize the environmental impact on industrial processes.
  • Perform simple calculations on the design of technologies to reduce the environmental impact on processes.
  • Choose between different environmental instruments to manage the environmental impact of an organization.
  • Choose between different product according to their environmental performance.
  • Perform simple evaluations of the life cycle of products and organizations.
  • Apply environmental performance indicators to an organization.
  • Manage the basic principles of environmental economics.
  • Perform simple calculations of environmental cost accounting.
  • Manage the basic principles of industrial ecology.
  • Interpret and access environmental regulations.
  • Apply the principles of sustainable development and business eco-efficiency to a company.

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