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The initial interests of the researchers that currently make up the Group of Rural and Agri-environmental Economics were focused on the analysis of farm structures, with the aim of understanding the economic rationale of their transformations, and assessing the impact of agricultural policies on those changes. These studies are rooted in the political economy tradition and had initially a Spanish and European focus. Later, other fields of interest have emerged gradually.

On the one hand, these processes of agricultural change were taking place in deep transformations of rural societies, producing disruptions and problems that rural development policies are trying to confront. Thus, a considerable part of the most recent team’s works aims to analyse these processes of rural change and the institutional aspects at play.

On the other hand, the environmental dimension arises as a central issue, in terms of both the management of rural spaces and the design of public policies. This is another of our research lines.

More recently, the debates around the sustainability of food systems, joint to the emergence of alternative chains and networks, are modifying in certain contexts the rural-urban relationships and the dynamics of agriculture. Some of the later works of members of the team go precisely in that direction.

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