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Agriculture and environment

Some studies carried out by members of the research team focus on the economic and institutional aspects of the relationship between agriculture and environment, particularly in relation to the design and performance of agri-environmental policies.

Other works tackle the economic valuation of natural resources, namely through techniques of multicriteria analysis.

Some publications

Reig, E., Aznar, J. and Estruch, V. (2010) A comparative analysis of the sustainability of rice cultivation technologies using the analytic network process. Spanish Journal of Agricultural Research, 2: 273-284.

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Ortiz, D. and Estruch, V. (2004) The role of agri-environmental measures in the definition of property rights. In van Huylenbroeck, G., Verbeke, W. and Lauwers, L. (Eds.) Role of Institutions in Rural Policies and Agricultural Markets. Elsevier, Amsterdam. pp. 335-348.

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