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Institutions and rural governance
Economía Rural y Agroambiental Líneas de investigación Institutions and rural governance  ...

This research topic tackles how the processes of rural change are linked to modifications of rural governance. Some works deal with the emergence of new actors in rural territories, the shaping of new institutional frameworks regulating their relationships, or the processes of institutional change affecting the way rural resources are exploited.

Some publications

Moragues, A. and Ortiz, D. (2010) Local mobilisation against windfarm developments in Spanish rural areas: new actors in the regulation arena. Energy Policy, 38: 4232–4240.

Hodge, I. and Ortiz, D. (2007) An institutional transactions approach to property rights adjustment: an application to Spanish agriculture. Environment and Planning A, 39(7): 1735-1751.

Gallardo, R., Ortiz, D., Ramos, F. and Ceña, F. (2007) The emergence of territories in the processes of rural development. In Basili, C.; Fanfani, R.; Rastoin, J.L. (Coords.) Knowledge, sustainability and bioresources in the further development of the agri-food system. Bolonia University Press, Bolonia, Italia.

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