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Sustainable food systems

In the last years we have extended our work on farmers' strategies to tackle also the construction of short food supply chains or alternative food networks. Along with the evolution of this field of research, we are increlasingly analysing aspects related with the construction of civic food networks and, broadly speaking, sustainable agro-food systems. We are primarily interested on how these new forms reconnect the urban with the rural, and particularly what are the implications of these innovations for farmers and rural development processes. We also aim to contribute through this research to the ongoing debates around the scaling-up of initiatives in the context of a transtition to a more sustainable agro-food system.

Some publications

Moragues, A. and Sonnino, R. (Forthcoming) Embedding Quality in the Agri-food System: The Dynamics and Implications of Place-Making Strategies in the Olive Oil Sector of Alto Palancia, Spain. Sociologia Ruralis.

Moragues-Faus, A. and Ortiz-Miranda, D. (2012) Governing cooperative quality schemes: some lessons from olive oil initiatives in the Region of Valencia (Spain). Outlook on Agriculture, 41(1): 27-33.

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