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Mature students over 25 years

The entrance exam for students over 25 years can be taken at any public university, irrespective of the educational institution you will pursue your degree at thereafter.

The grades of this exam can be used to seek admission to any university and should ideally correspond, for the purposes of admission, to the courses related to the field or fields for which the candidate has taken the exam and which are taught at the university where they exam is taken. Nonetheless, candidates cannot take the exam in more than one university in the same year..

This exam can be taken by persons who do not have a degree that allows them university admission and have completed 25 years before October 1 of the calendar year in which the exam is held.

The entrance exam has two sections, one general and one specific. The general section consists of four exercises:

  • 1. Commenting on a text about current affairs
  • 2. Spanish language skills
  • 3. Valencian language skills
  • 4. Foreign language skills, to be chosen from English, German, French, Italian and Portuguese.

The specific section is divided into five options related to the five fields and combinations of the same:

  • A. Arts and Humanities
  • B. Science
  • C. Health Science
  • D. Social and legal sciences
  • E. Engineering and Architecture

Combinations of fields:

  • Fields A and D
  • Fields B and C
  • Fields B and E
  • Fields B, C and E

To pass the entrance exam, the candidate must score at least five points as a final score. This averaging is not possible if the candidate scores less than four points in the general or specific section.

No less than 2% of seats are reserved for candidates who have passed the entrance exam for students over 25 years.


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