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What are the Welcome Days? 

These are activities aimed at first-year students (undergraduate and postgraduate) to welcome them and show them how university life works and how it is organised. The Welcome Days take place on the first day of the academic year, at each of the UPV centres.

When a student enters university for the first time, they face one of the biggest challenges of their student life. For this reason, the UPV accompanies its students in this adaptation process with the Welcome Days and the University Tutorial Action Plan (PATU), two specific projects for first-year students included in theComprehensive Student Support Plan (PIAE+), a global initiative for students in any UPV Degree, Master's or Doctoral course.

What do the Welcome Days aim to achieve? 

  • Encourage integration through group dynamics so that they get to know each other and feel more confident.
  • Inform students about relevant aspects of the centre and the degree.
  • Visit the main spaces where their teaching-learning process will take place.

What do the Welcome Days involve? 

The Welcome Days include the following activities:

  • Information session about the centre
  • Presentation of the University Tutorial Action Plan (PATU)
  • Guided tours of the centre and the University
  • Information session about the UPV
  • Teaching support software tools session

More information 

The Comprehensive Student Support Plan (PIAE+) reaffirms students as an essential objective of the UPV, and ensures their comprehensive training, guaranteeing excellence, the achievement of their maximum potential and their incorporation into the labour market.

The PIAE+ is a plan designed to listen to students and offer them personal support and accompaniment throughout their university career to boost their academic performance; to reinforce values; to stimulate entrepreneurship, innovation and transfer, and equip them with sufficient competences and skills to chart a career path in accordance with their tastes and preferences and also with the demands of today's society.

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