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Comprehensive Student Assistance Plan (PIAE). Welcome Days

What are they? 

When students first enter university, they face one of the biggest challenges of their student life. The UPV, through the Comprehensive Student Assistance Plan (PIAE), plays a key role in this adaptation process, with the Welcome Days and the University Tutorial Action Plan (PATU). By alleviating the impact of entering this new stage in their lives, and making it easier for students to adapt to the new environment and integrate into the university community, we improve their personal and academic projection.

Who are the Welcome Days aimed at? 

These sessions are exclusively aimed at the new students of the different schools and degrees of the Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV), at the beginning of their university studies.

What is their purpose? 

Their main objective is to welcome students to the UPV and offer them a number of basic activities that may help them become acquainted with the key aspects of the University's operation and organisation. They are also intended to...

  • Favour the students' integration through group dynamics aimed at encouraging them to get to know each other, and thus feel more secure.
  • Inform them about relevant aspects of their school and their degree.
  • Inform them about the main facilities where the teaching-learning process will take place as well.

What are they about? 

Different compulsory activities are organised for first-year students:

  • Information sessions of the centre. These are organised by degrees. The first day of the academic year, students meet the management team and the lecturers of their degree, who, in a friendly atmosphere, explain to them how the University works and how their lectures are arranged, and introduce the academic programme and the syllabus of their choice.

  • Tutoring. The University Tutorial Action Plan (PATU) is presented: what it is about and how it works. Tutorial groups are formed, and in this way students get to meet their tutors (both other students and lecturers). This first contact makes it possible for them to adapt to their new situation and solve their first doubts: about the administrative procedures that they must carry out throughout their study years; about how to prepare their subjects, etc. In addition, they are given advice that may be useful for them to adapt to the university world.

  • Guided tours of the centre and the university. In a guided tour, students are accompanied by their tutors so that they can locate the different services that they can use, and also their centre's infrastructure, such as study rooms, computer rooms, the library, the laboratories, etc.

  • UPV information sessions. The main university services that students may need are presented here: the Student Services, the administrative services, the Student Union, the Health Centre, the Educational and Psychological Guidance Centre (GOPU), the Institute of Education Sciences (ICE), the Sports Area, the Communication Area, etc.

  • Computer sessions. A practical activity about the PoliformaT platform, the operation of the intranet, Teams, etc.

When and where are they held? 

They are held at the beginning of the academic year, in September. After registering, students will receive a letter with information on their centre, and can also check the centre's website and social media.

They take place in all the UPV centres.

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