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Comprehensive Student Assistance Plan (PIAE). Tutorial Action

What is it? 

When students first enter the university, they face one of the biggest challenges of their student life. Entering the new university environment and adapting to it are not easy tasks. For this reason, the UPV carries out the Comprehensive Student Assistance Plan (PIAE), which includes the Welcome Days (at the beginning of the academic year) and the University Tutorial Action Plan (PATU, throughout the first year), with the aim of helping students in this process by improving their personal, social and academic projection.

Who is the University Tutorial Action Plan for? 

Each UPV centre has a team of tutors (students and lecturer-tutor) who are coordinated to carry out this task.

The specific objectives of this programme are:

  • Reducing the impact of entering the university.
  • Informing students about relevant aspects of their school and their degree.
  • Increasing participation in the activities organised by both the centre and the University in order to provide students with a more active role and promote their involvement in university life.
  • Providing individual and group advice for academic, social and personal aspects that require it in order to better configure the students' educational itinerary, thus optimising their academic performance.

What does PATU seek for? 

Enrolment in the Programme is carried out in the registration process. However, during the Welcome Days, which take place at the beginning of the year, the Programme is presented and a new registration period opens.

Tutorial groups including 8 to 10 first-year students, senior students and a lecturer-tutor (from the same degree) are set up, offering complementary perspectives on the teaching-learning process.

Periodic tutorial sessions are held throughout the year, according to the needs raised by first-year students. These sessions become more relevant during the first months of the year (first semester), which is the period in which students are most likely to encounter difficulties, and thus require greater support from the tutors.

How can it help students? 

Tutors coordinate among themselves to advise each new student personally and be at their disposal to help them in all academic areas: how to fill out an administrative document, make the best use of lectures, plan their subjects, report on activities and services, etc.

In the same way, tutors will convene group meetings in which day-to-day problems will be addressed in order to try to solve them in the best possible way. They will suggest improvement plans and give academic orientation or advice on study methodology and complementary training.

The Comprehensive Student Assistance Plan (PIAE) is advised by the Institute of Educational Sciences (ICE); the UPV Student, Curriculum Performance and Evaluation Area and the Office of the Vice-Rector for Student and University Extension.

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