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What is the University Tutorial Action Plan (PATU)? 

The University Tutorial Action Plan (PATU) is a service offered by the Universitat Politècnica de València to new undergraduate students to integrate them into a group tutored by students-tutors and lecturers-tutors with the same degree to help and accompany the student during their first academic year.

When a student enters university for the first time, they face one of the biggest challenges of their student life. For this reason, the UPV accompanies its students in this adaptation process with the Welcome Days and the University Tutorial Action Plan (PATU), two specific projects for first-year students included in the Comprehensive Student Support Plan (PIAE+), a global initiative for students in any UPV Degree, Master's or Doctoral course.

What does the University Tutorial Action Plan (PATU) aim to achieve? 

Provide guidance for students during their first year at the UPV.

  • Reduce the impact of access to university.
  • Provide information about relevant aspects of the centre and the degree.
  • Increase participation in the different activities organised by both the centre and the university in order to give them a more active role and improve their involvement in university life.
  • Offer individual and group counselling on those academic, social and personal aspects that so require in order to better configure their educational itinerary and thus optimise their academic performance.

What does the University Tutorial Action Plan (PATU) consist of? 

The University Tutorial Action Plan (PATU) includes the following activities:

  • Formation of tutorial groups of 5-10 new students with students from higher courses (student-tutor) and teaching staff (lecturer-tutor) both from the same degree, offering them complementary views on the teaching-learning process.
  • Periodic individual and group tutorial sessions throughout the course, with greater relevance during the first months when the student faces more difficulties and requires more support from the team of tutors.
  • Tutoring in all academic fields: study methodology, class performance, subject planning, administrative procedures and UPV activities and services.

More information 

The Comprehensive Student Support Plan (PIAE+) reaffirms students as an essential objective of the UPV, and ensures their comprehensive training, guaranteeing excellence, the achievement of their maximum potential and their incorporation into the labour market.

The PIAE+ is a plan designed to listen to students and offer them personal support and accompaniment throughout their university career to boost their academic performance; to reinforce values; to stimulate entrepreneurship, innovation and transfer, and equip them with sufficient competences and skills to chart a career path in accordance with their tastes and preferences and also with the demands of today's society.

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