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What is the PIAE+? 

The Comprehensive Student Support Plan (PIAE+) is a systematic guidance, orientation and support project, immersed in the curriculum and guaranteed by the UPV, which is aimed at its students from their enrolment (in any Degree, Master's or Doctoral course) until the end of their studies.

  • It aims to promote the integral development of students in the academic, personal and social spheres throughout their university studies, preventing them from dropping out and contributing to their academic success, so that they can successfully enter the labour market.
  • It is an institutional project, shared among all the parties involved: centres, management teams, teaching staff, students and services of the UPV, which the Universitat Politècnica de València makes available to its students during their time at university in order to favour their integral development in the academic, personal and social spheres.
  • It is conceived as an educational resource that facilitates guidance and comprehensive support for its students, accompanying them throughout their university studies, in order to improve academic performance levels, avoid dropout and stimulate the acquisition of transversal competences.

What does the PIAE+ aim to achieve? 

To accompany the student throughout his/her time at the UPV, promoting personal development and comprehensive training.

  • To facilitate academic, personal and social integration in the centre and in the UPV.
  • To provide academic follow-up designing the curriculum according to their interests and expectations.
  • To identify any needs or problems that hinder their studies.
  • To provide guidance and motivation for academic progress: study skills and strategies.
  • To promote the development of the UPV's transversal competences.
  • To offer guidance in their placement in the work/professional environment.

What does the PIAE+ consist of? 

The PIAE+ provides for in the different key stages of the undergraduate and postgraduate programmes:

  • Welcome Days  Welcome Days  (open in a new windows) and University Tutorial Action Plan (PATU) University Tutorial Action Plan (PATU) (open in a new windows)
  • Planned and on-demand tutorial activities. Organised by teams of tutors from each degree programme who offer support, accompaniment and guidance.
  • Planning of information and/or training sessions organised at different key moments of the degree.
  • Academic support resources.
  • UPV services network.

More information 

The Comprehensive Student Support Plan (PIAE+) reaffirms students as an essential objective of the UPV, and ensures their comprehensive training, guaranteeing excellence, the achievement of their maximum potential and their incorporation into the labour market.

The PIAE+ is a plan designed to listen to students and offer them personal support and accompaniment throughout their university career to boost their academic performance; to reinforce values; to stimulate entrepreneurship, innovation and transfer, and equip them with sufficient competences and skills to chart a career path in accordance with their tastes and preferences and also with the demands of today's society.

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