Vice-Rectorate for Organisation of Studies, Quality, Accreditation and Languages

Vice-Rectorate for Organisation of Studies, Quality, Accreditation and Languages

The Vice-Rectorate for Organisation of Studies, Quality, Accreditation and Languages is responsible for designing, managing and implementing quality assurance for UPV’s official degrees and institutional programmes. It is also in charge of the university’s language policy. It is organised in 3 offices, namely Studies, Quality and Languages, which together oversee the Language Centre and the Office of Language Planning (Servei de Promoció i Normalització Llingüística, SPNL), and works closely with the Office of Quality Assessment and Planning (SEPQ).


We have squads highly qualified for the development of our aims

Office of Studies

The Office’s mission is to manage our degrees as we strive to bring them in line with the reality and needs of the 21st Century. Our goal is to refresh the portfolio of degrees under the UPV umbrella, always offering …

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Office of Quality

The Office’s mission is to help gain national and international accreditations in the university field and promote internal quality assurance in academic processes, ensuring they are aligned with external needs. Our goal is to design a quality assurance and management …

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Office of Languages

The mission of the Office of Languages is to support language learning and certification throughout the UPV community. Our goal is to achieve a UPV that is both more Valencian and multilingual, where students, teachers, administrative and services staff can …

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Philosophy of Work

We encourage us in developing concrete and measurable aims


To offer our students an education in line with the demands of society, while ensuring the highest national and international recognition for UPV’s academic certificates and quality systems


In 2025, UPV was awarded internal and external certifications that provide the framework for an efficient academic quality management system, ensuring all our courses are highly flexible and have a strong focus on language.


  • Support
  • Flexibility
  • Modernity
  • Transparency
  • Agility
  • Sustainability
  • Participation

Programs and Initiatives Stood out

It knows our last projects

International Quality Labels for UPV degrees

One of the main commitments of the Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV) is quality education, a challenge in which all members of the institution are involved.Among other benefits, the commitment to quality education means […]

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Update generic student outcomes

We have worked alongside the Institute of Education Sciences as we look to streamline core competencies in UPV degrees. The project involves condensing the current 13 competencies into 5 dimensions that clearly reflect the skills required of our students. This …

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New model Docentia

The teaching evaluation model is currently undergoing a substantial change, with two goals in mind. The first and most important goal is to simplify the index and make it a simple, understandable model that ensures transparency and helps guide teachers …

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Linguae Plan

The UPV is committed to overall training for its students and to ensuring their success in the labour market. Language training and accreditation are part of this commitment. Within the framework of policies focused on improving language skills among students, …

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Latest news

Information of actuality, novelties and projects

  • UPV Minor Programs
    The MINORS programs will allow students to receive and recognize complementary education to official studies. These are programs of between 18 and 30 regulated ECTS, based on the transversal education offered on the UPV, which may be complemented with other …
  • Grants from the DRAC ESTIU 2022 Mobility Programme
    The @UPV, through the @VECAL, announces grants from the DRAC ESTIU 2022 Mobility Programme for students to help them attend summer courses and activities organised by @xarxavives universities. Deadline: 31 May. Info:
  • New degrees
    The UPV will teach 12 new degree courses in 2022-2023: two new bachelor’s degrees, two new double degrees, five new master’s degrees and three new double master’s degrees The UPV includes for the next academic year the launch of two …