Office of Quality

Continuous improvement and the search for excellence throughout the university’s different areas has always been, and must continue to be, a key principle for the UPV. The Office of Quality and Accreditation is entrusted principally with overseeing the quality of the degrees, to which end it works alongside those involved in the academic side of the processes by integrating and analysing information, helps to obtain national and international accreditations, and promotes internal quality assurance of the processes while also ensuring they are in line with external needs.

The Office of Quality and Accreditation acts as a link to the quality assurance agencies, both in terms of academic titles and also the range of institutional programmes that uphold the quality of the university system.

Quality and Accreditation of Qualifications Area

The Polytechnic University of Valencia is a public, dynamic and innovative institution dedicated to research and teaching which, while maintaining strong links with the social environment in which it carries out its activities, opts for a strong presence abroad.
Our vocation of service responds to an objective and commitment to society. We provide our students with the appropriate knowledge to achieve their insertion as graduates in the professional field of their choice, and we offer them a comprehensive education model that provides them with technological knowledge, as well as humanistic and cultural training.

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Evaluation, Quality and Accreditation Service

The Evaluation, Quality and Accreditation Service (SECA) is in charge of:

-Providing advice and technical assistance to the rector’s team and the entities it designates in matters of evaluation, planning and quality.

-Coordinate, provide technical support, promote training and provide the necessary tools for institutional actions carried out in the field of quality.
The aim of all this is to provide information for decision-making and to promote the improvement of quality at the UPV.

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