EQAS Food Label of Excellence

Accreditation with EQAS Food aims to review the rationale and effectiveness of a qualification process within a degree program in the field of food science and technology. A central element is the effective achievement of the educational objectives set by the institution applying for the EQAS food quality label.

The quality of degree programs in food science and technology, according to the ISEKI Food Association (IFA), is certified from a functioning qualification process, the interaction of its elements and the level of achievement of objectives, which means the achievement of intended learning outcomes by a program’s graduate.

The basis for accreditation with EQAS Food are the EQAS Food Award Procedures, Criteria and Standards together with the European Guidelines (ENQA European Standards and Guidelines).

The value

  • It guarantees that the program complies with international standards.
  • For employers, it ensures that candidates possess the knowledge and skills required by international standards.
  • For universities, it is an additional certificate of quality and ratifies that the accredited program meets academic and professional standards.

UPV degrees with the EURO-INF label of Excellence


  • Improve the quality and transparency of educational programs in food science and technology.
  • To provide information on study programs throughout Europe through an appropriate label for accredited educational programs in food science and technology.
  • Facilitate the mutual transnational recognition of qualifications.
  • Increase student mobility.

The ISEKI association

The ISEKI-Food Association is an independent European non-profit organization, established in 2005 by representatives from universities, research institutes, companies and food-related associations from all over the world.

The mission of ISEKI-Food Association is to support lifelong learning in the food sector, encompassing both academia and industry.