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Defence calendar

The FMD defence is an INDIVIDUAL academic task, in which the student will present the work done in 15 minutes, after which the members of the board can ask questions related to it.
As set by the FYD and FMD Regulations of the UPV, the defence process consists of two stages:
• Presentation of Work: The student deposits the FMD through the application of the UPV (Intranet UPV \ Virtual Secretary’s Office \ FYD-FMD) and submits the corresponding documentation to the centre's Secretary’s Office (written copy of the FMD, a photocopy of the student's ID, and the rubrics of the tutor and of the student).
• FMD defence: The ETSII will assign a day, time and board for the defence session of the FMD, which will be notified to the student and tutor, by e-mail to their institutional address.

The FMD defences calendar has been approved by the Board of the School for the current academic year.
The students can choose the call they wish to attend to defend the FMD. It is advisable they go to the first one available once they have completed the corresponding credits.

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