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Bachelor's Degree in Industrial Electronics and Automation Engineering

Bachelor's Degree in Industrial Electronics and Automation Engineering Vera (València) Campus, Universitat Politècnica de València
ECTS Credits: 240 (4 years)

Presentation of the degree

The aim of this Degree is to scientifically and technically train professionals who can meet the needs of the industry in this field. The degree enables students to exercise the profession industrial engineer. It consist of a basic training module for the acquisition of a solid scientific basis; a training module common to the industrial branch, for the development of general competences of industrial engineering; a specific training module in industrial and automatic electronics, to work on specific competences in this engineering field; and a final module to develop competences at the student's choice.

This degree is internationally certified with the EUR-ACE quality label.

Career opportunities

You will be trained to: develop industrial automation and control systems, embedded and robotic systems and analogue electronic systems, digital and power instruments. You will be able to programme and maintain equipment for industrial facilities, sign certifications and reports, offer freelance services as an entrepreneur or consultant; take on Administration, R&D+i or teaching tasks.

International mobility and internships

Students may complete their studies in universities in the EU, the US, Latin America, Japan, Australia and different African countries.

Furthermore, students can carry out internships in companies (in some cases including the preparation of FYD) of different industrial sectors which will serve to learn about the professional reality under the tutelage of an expert of the company and of a professor of the degree.

Further studies

This degree provides access to:

- Master's Degree in Computer Engineering
- Master's Degree in Automation and Industrial Computing
- Master's Degree in Industrial Constructions and Installations
- Master's Degree in Management and Project Management
- Master's Degree in Integrated Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing
- Master's Degree in Business, Products and Service Management
- Master's Degree in Informatics Engineering
- Master's Degree in Electric System Engineering
- Master's Degree in Design Engineering
- Master's Degree in Maintenance Engineering
- Master's Degree in Occupational Hazard Prevention
- Master's Degree in Energy Technology for Sustainable Development
- Other master's degrees + levelling

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