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Bachelor's Double Degree in  Telecommunications Systems, Sound and Image Engineering + Audiovisual Communications Gandia Campus, Universitat Politècnica de València

Bachelor's Double Degree in Telecommunications Systems, Sound and Image Engineering + Audiovisual Communications

5 years
372 credits

Credit 12,79 / 17,34€
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GPA for admission 11,24

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Presentation of the degree

Through this double degree, students are awarded the Degree in Telecommunications Systems Engineering, Sound and Image and the Degree in Audiovisual Communication.

The degree covers the two fundamental pillars of training in the audiovisual industry. On the one hand, it provides full technical and technological training of audio and video information transmission systems, including the design of spaces and installations for audiovisual production. On the other hand, it promotes creativity, a critical spirit and innovation for the creation, production and development of audiovisual products in all their means and formats.

All the courses are taught in Gandia using with simultaneous courses in both degrees.

Career opportunities

This double degree is focused on companies or entities in the audiovisual and multimedia industry which generate products for media (cinema, radio, television, internet...). Students have a very versatile and demanded profile in the audiovisual sector. It should be noted that this qualification qualifies students as Telecommunication Engineer.

International mobility and internships

The degree encourages the mobility of its students, through a large number of exchange agreements with universities from other countries and the rest of the world, besides double degree agreements.

Students can voluntarily carry out internships in a wide variety of companies, institutions and associations in the audiovisual industry. This activity provides valuable professional experience during the studies and is particularly recommended for the completion of the double final year dissertation.

Further studies

This double degree can complement their training with several master's degrees, all of them related to the audiovisual industry: Master's Degree in Content and Legal Aspects in Information Society, Master's Degree in Digital Postproduction and Master's Degree in Acoustic Engineering.

In addition, students can also access the Master's Degree in Telecommunications Engineering or other master's degrees at the UPV with the appropriate levelling courses.


Credits for obtaining the degree

Basic courses Compulsory Elective Internship TFG Total
108,00 193,50 46,50 0,00 24,00 372,00

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