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Internships are collaborations between the UPV and the company / institution by which students can do a period of educational training.

How to do an internship: Flow chart

Benefits of the internships.-

- Acquisition of work experience
- Gaining experience in selection processes
- Facilitates entering the labour market
- Practical application of theoretical knowledge obtained
- Recognition of elective credits
- Economic study aid bag


- Being a student at the UPV
- Be registered at the Curricular DB
- For "Extracurricular", have completed 50% of the credits of your degree


- You can do a maximum number of hours per titulation.
- Traineeships are held by academic year, from September 1 to August 31. (For all degrees of the old and new plan).
- Remember that we are not working in August and we can not process any documentation. Therefore, if you want to begin your traineership between July 26 and September 10, the last day to hand in the documentation is July 16.
- You can not do internships with a company or institution where you have a contractual relationship.

Elective Credits.-

- Check with your School / Faculty of elective credits you can get

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