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Here are the different specific programs of traineeships in companies that are managed by the UPV:

Programs -

- Traineeships within the UPV
- Traineeships in Ford Spain
- Santander CRUE CEPYME Traineeships
- Traineeships at the Valencia City Council
- Traineeships of the Diputación de Valencia
- Traineeships in Consellerias

Program features.-

- These are specific programs that are managed by the UPV.
- The payment of the economic bag is made through the UPV
- The registration in social security is carried out by the UPV
- You can make a maximum of hours per program (see program bases)

Accident insurance.-

- In the event of an accident or illness, see: Informational page for Trainees included in the General System of Social Security

Academic recognition.-

- Consult your School / Faculty.

- General information on academic recognition of traineeships

PRÁCTICAS EN FORD ESPAÑA, curso 2020/2021. Convocatoria 2020
Se CONVOCAN 65 prácticas en FORD ESPAÑA para la realización de prácticas académicas externas


- Del 17 de Septiembre al 30 de septiembre de 2020.

Santander CRUE CEPYME Scholarships are aids for university students to carry out professional internships in SMEs (self-employed, micro, small and medium-sized enterprises) and foundations, NGOs and other non-profit associations and entities.
They are provided with financial aid for the student and with coverage of the Social Security contribution costs.
The internships have a duration of 3 months part-time, and the gross allocation is 300 euros per month.
To participate, both companies and interested students must enroll in the Santander Scholarship Program.
Please, select within the open Call, the link that corresponds to you, depending on whether you are a Company or a Student.
Estas prácticas tendrán la posibilidad de exención de bolsa y límites a la misma, dentro del marco establecido por la UPV.

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