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Find below the documents needed to apply for traineers and to process, modify, extend or cancelate an traineeship.
Processing a traineeship- TRAINEESHIPS CALCULATOR
The "Traineeship Calculator" helps you to plan your practice and to generate the "Traineeship Agreement".
Send the agreement with the digital signatures to the @ of your Faculty. Remember tha it must be sent at least 10 DAYS before the beginning of the traineeship.
Agreement - Example638Kb
This is an example of an internship agreement.
Modificación de una práctica746Kb
Sirve para modificar las condiciones iniciales de la práctica: duración, dedicación, bolsa económica, tutores, proyecto formativo, ... Se enviará por @ a la oficina de prácticas del centro del estudiante un ejemplar cumplimentado a ordenador, con la firma digital de todos los participantes, como mínimo 10 DÍAS antes de la modificación que se desee realizar.
Cancellation of the traineeship759Kb
Used to cancellate the traineeship for a justifiable reason. You must send by @ one exemplar with all digital signatures. It is recommended to send within a maximum period of 7 calendar days.
Application for pre-recognition agreement520Kb
Application form to apply for the pre-recognition of the traineeship that you intend to do ABROAD under "other legal frameworks". You must hand in this document before the beginning of your traineeship
Aplication form for internship students
Applications for internship students must be completed through DIRE - SIEUPV Employment and Internship portal
Through this same portal, the company will be able to see the CVs of the students who have enrolled in its offer and who meet the requested requirements.
Application for internship students for non-official postgraduate course attached to the CFP974Kb
Valid form ONLY to request students of non-official postgraduate courses. The company/institution details the internship conditions here and sends the form by e-mail to practicas.cfp@sie.upv.es
Solicitud de estudiantes en prácticas de la ETSICCP
Consulta con la oficina de prácticas de la Escuela de Caminos, Canales y Puertos
All documentation must be handed in the Traineeship Office of the related School or Faculty.

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