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Find below the documents needed to apply for traineers and to process, modify, extend or cancelate an traineeship.
Processing a traineeship- TRAINEESHIPS CALCULATOR
The "Traineeship Calculator" helps you to plan your practice and to generate the "Traineeship Agreement".
Send the agreement with the digital signatures to the @ of your Faculty. Remember tha it must be sent at least 10 DAYS before the beginning of the traineeship.
Agreement - Example681Kb
This is an example of an internship agreement.
Modification of the traineeship640Kb
Used to modify the original terms of the traineeship (i.e. time, dedication, financial support, tutors, training programme... You must send the document with all digital signatures, at least 10 days before the start of the modification will take place.
Cancellation of the traineeship586Kb
Used to cancellate the traineeship for a justifiable reason. You must send by @ one exemplar with all digital signatures. It is recommended to send within a maximum period of 7 calendar days.
Application for pre-recognition agreement520Kb
Application form to apply for the pre-recognition of the traineeship that you intend to do ABROAD under "other legal frameworks". You must hand in this document before the beginning of your traineeship
Aplication form for internships except for Fine Arts, Computer Science and Bulding Construction students976Kb
This form is used by companies to apply for an internship. The company details here the conditions of the traineership and specify the required student profile.
Aplication form for internships from Fine Arts and Bulding Construction school
Application form for companies to apply for Fine Arts students must be completed through the jobs & traineeships App from SIEUPV
All documentation must be handed in the Traineeship Office of the related School or Faculty.

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