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  • Traineeships are collaborations between the UPV and the company / institution by which students can do a period of educational training.

  • Benefits of the internships.-

    - Students bring new ideas and knowledge
    - Can serve as a selection process for future incorporations
    - Facilitate other relationships with the UPV
    - Contribute to the better training of future professionals
    - The UPV offer a variety of Degrees

  • Any UPV student registered at the "Curricular DB" that meet the requirements of their degree can participante on a traineeship program

  • For each degree the student will have a maximum number of hours to do as a trainee. The maximum number of Mandatory traineeship hours is determined by the studies plan and the maximun number of Voluntary hours is determined by the UPV regulations and the specific regulations of the School where applicable.

  • The practices must be in academic year: between 1 September and 31 August of the following year.

  • Remember that we are not working in August and we can not process any documentation. Therefore, if you want the student to begin the traineership between July 26 and September 10, the last day to hand in the documentation is July 16.

  • The Company will make it easy for the students to attend the University to sit exams and academic activities where attendance is obligatory

  • The company / institution will give the students a certificate of the traineeship period.

  • The internships must have a formative project, that would be signed up in the documentation.

  • The internships must have a "training Tutor" at the company/institution and an "academic Tutor" at the University

  • We will expect the organisation to provide some economic or study support. You must respect the minimum and/or maximum established by every faculty or school, and in general, traineeships with zero economic support are not accepted

  • The UPV subscribes an accident and civil liability policy. The accidents policy covers a diverse range; the health insurance will only cover those types of traineeships that will not be covered by the social security system.

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