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Specialty Languages Analysis Group

The Group of Analysis of Special Languages ​​(GALE), Department of Applied Linguistics, aims at research on the use of language in its various manifestations. This implies the study of the German, Catalan, Spanish, French and English languages ​​in specialized communication contexts, both in their written and oral form. Two lines of research are worked: on the one hand, discourse analysis encompasses studies on the perspective of gender theory, pragmalinguistics, terminology and translation, corpus linguistics, as well as cognitive linguistics. On the other hand, the research line of language teaching and evaluation focuses on specialized teaching in the university field, addressing, among other topics, the use of ICT in the classroom and the study of the use of evaluation techniques in foreign languages . GALE is made up of 22 professors from the Department, all of whom are involved in numerous research projects, as well as in the creation of corpus and tools for analysis.The GALE group belongs to the Thematic Network of Excellence Language and Science. https://www.lenguayciencia.net/

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