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Master's Degree in Software Systems Engineering and Technology Vera (València) Campus, Universitat Politècnica de València

Master's Degree in Software Systems Engineering and Technology

60 credits

Credit 35,34€
Give access to scholarships

25 openings


This master's degree is internationally accredited with the EURO-INF seal of excellence, which recognises that the studies broadly meet the professional requirements in the field of computer science.

The software development sector must provide technological support to the construction of the information society. The master’s degree training programme will clearly contribute to increasing the technological level of Spanish society in all areas related to the information society. One of the keys to success in software and information systems development lies in the use of methods and tools to build reliable and quality software in a productive way. This master's degree addresses the following thematic lines:

  • Software Engineering. The techniques used in the design and development of state-of-the-art software systems are analysed.
  • Multi-paradigm Software Technology. It provides in-depth knowledge of the fundamentals, operation and implementation of automatic tools for analysis, verification, certification, debugging, transformation and optimisation of software systems in different programming paradigms and multi-paradigm programming.
  • Information Systems. The architectural, organisational and interface peculiarities of such systems are studied in depth, including the organisation, storage, processing and retrieval of information from data in different formats.


  • Study of theories and languages for the specification, synthesis and verification of software systems.
  • Study of techniques and tools for analysis, certification, automatic documentation and debugging of programs.
  • Study of software modelling languages and methodologies at different levels of abstraction.
  • Techniques for automatic code generation and early software reuse.
  • Study of heterogeneous content modelling methodologies and techniques for semantic data integration.
  • Study of information retrieval and knowledge extraction techniques in software engineering and information systems: natural language, data analysis, data mining, digital libraries.
  • Web technology study: modelling and tools.
  • Study of advanced database technology to support new generation information systems.

Aimed at

  • Engineers or graduates of Computer Science, diploma graduates or technical engineers in Computer Science.
  • Equivalent university degrees in the area of Computer Science, as well as graduates of other degrees with the EURO-INF seal. It is considered equivalent to any other university degree if its training includes the basic competences common to the branch of Computer Science (and in particular, those that comply with the Agreement of the Council of Universities, BOE 4 August 2009 - section V of Annex 2 of Resolution 12977/2009).

Admission criteria

The Academic Committee of the Master's Degree will analyse the applications and decide whether the candidates meet the academic requirements for admission to the master's degree. This Committee will establish a scale, based mainly on the academic record of the applicants and the affinity of their previous studies with the content of the master's degree, which will be used to select the candidates.


Department of Computer Systems and Computation

Collaborating organisations

Escola Tècnica Superior d'Informàtica (ETSINF - Higher Technical School of Computer Science)

National Institute of Informatics, NII (Tokio, Japan)


Ministry of Education


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