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Master's Degree in Assessment and Environmental Monitoring of Marine and Coastal Ecosystems Gandia Campus, Universitat Politècnica de València

Master's Degree in Assessment and Environmental Monitoring of Marine and Coastal Ecosystems

60 credits

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The marine environment and coastal areas are of strategic importance due to the large number of uses, resources and services they provide. Much of the activities carried out on these environments can cause environmental impacts on ecosystems and, at times, be a source of conflicts between users. This makes sustainable management of the marine environment one of the basic objectives of the European Union to ensure both environmental sustainability and the competitiveness of the economic activities that depend on this environment.

The need of a response to these new challenges has led to the demand for specialised professionals who, with an important character of sustainability and technological applicability, are able to apply solutions in strategic areas to guarantee the sustainability of the coastal territories and their communities. These strategic areas include assessment, management, environmental monitoring, control and planning of coastal systems.


The main aim of this Master's degree is to train high-level specialists in the analysis, evaluation and monitoring of coastal and marine ecosystems. In this way, through a scientific and technological training we aim to train professionals and researchers capable of:

  • Analyzing the structure and functioning of ecosystems.
  • Defining indicators of ecosystem status, pressures and impacts.
  • Using predictive numerical models to predict changes and evaluate impacts.
  • Use the most advanced and appropriate techniques to follow the indicators, impact and ecological, commonly used in environmental monitoring.
  • Establishing measures to prevent impacts, rehabilitation and restoration of ecosystems.

Addressed to

This master's degree course is suitable for graduates in scientific and technical areas. The most appropriate profiles, due to their multidisciplinary nature, are graduates in Environmental Sciences, Marine Sciences, Biology, Oceanography, Physics and Mathematics, Geology and Geography as well as other graduates in subjects related to the subjects of this master's degree course.

Criteria for admission

The criteria for admission of the students to this master's degree will conform UPV regulations. The Academic Commission of the will select the candidates from the analysis of the academic record, as well as the adequacy of the candidate's training to the profile of the Master, the professional or research experience and the motivation to study this master's degree.


Campus de Gandia, Universitat Politècnica de València



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