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Master's Degree in Preservation of Architectural Heritage Vera (València) Campus, Universitat Politècnica de València

Master's Degree in Preservation of Architectural Heritage

90 credits

Give access to scholarships

30 openings


The conservation, preservation and appreciation of heritage is an obligation for contemporary society. In architecture we should not only understand heritage as being immovable property of cultural interest (monuments), but also the combined structures that make up the context that has shaped society throughout its history.

Today, faced with new developments (including sustainable development), the main challenge of contemporary architecture is to be able to respond to the growth of our historic cities, respecting the inherited cityscape without compromising its authenticity or integrity. The main objective of the Master's Degree in Preservation of Architectural Heritage, offered by the UPV School of Architecture since 2006, is to equip students to consistently meet this challenge, through conservation, management, or intervention.


This master's degree is designed to achieve three broad objectives linked to academic instruction, professional specialisation and introduction to research. Students receive instruction in the fields of conservation and management of architectural heritage to equip them with the professional skills that society entrusts to them through the current Spanish Building Act.

The course programme is based on the Master's Degree in Conservation of Heritage, a UPV degree that has existed since 1989.

Addressed to

Graduates in Architecture, Technical Architecture or engineering with sufficient knowledge in construction. It is also aimed at graduates from other disciplines such as Fine Arts, Geography and History, History of Art and Tourism.

Admission criteria

Admission of students will follow an assessment of their academic record, CV and professional and research experience in the field of architectural heritage. In each case, the student will be notified of the credits that they have to study and the specialisations that they may access.


School of Architecture

Participating centres

Departments of Architectural Composition; Architectural Constructions; Architectural Graphic Representation; Continuous Medium Mechanics and Theory of Structures; Architectural Projects; Urban Planning; and Applied Physics. The University Institute of Heritage Restoration. Research Center Architecture, Heritage and Management for Sustainable Development.


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