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Governing bodies

Unipersonal governing bodies 


The Rector is the highest academic authority at the University and, as such, he represents the UPV in all sorts of official acts and transactions. He is responsible for the government and management of the University, develops the lines of action previously approved by the collegiate bodies and carries out their agreements. The Rector is also responsible for all competences not expressly conferred on other government bodies.


Vice-rectors are chosen by the Rector from amongst the UPV teaching staff. Under the Rector's supervision, Vice-rectors and Managing Directors coordinate and manage the activities to be carried out in the area they have been entrusted with. The Rector can delegate his duties to them whenever he finds it appropriate to do so.

Secretary General   

The Secretary General is the public authenticator of University events and agreements, and assists the rector in organisation and administration tasks. Among other duties, he or she drafts and keeps the minutes of the sessions held by the collegiate bodies, issues certificates, makes agreements public, and ensures that they are implemented.

Financial Manager   

The Financial Manager is responsible for managing the University's financial and administrative services, although this is always carried out under the Rector's supervision. The candidate for the post of Financial Manager is proposed by the Rector following approval by the Social Council. The Financial Manager holds a full-time position and is not allowed to carry out teaching duties.

Órganos de gobierno colegiados 

Social Council   

This is the body that enables society to participate in the University. The Social Council supervises the University's economic activities and the performance of its services. It encourages society to cooperate in funding the University and it fosters relations between the University and its cultural, professional, financial and social surroundings, with the aim of improving the quality of the University's activities.

University Senate   

University Senate This is the most important body representing the University community. It comprises the Rector, the Secretary General, the Financial Manager and 300 members of the University community (School directors, teaching staff, students, administrative and services personnel, research staff and assistants, and so on). The University Senate is responsible for drawing up the University's Statutes and carries out a number of other assignments in accordance with the provisions of the LOU (Spanish University Constitutional Law).

Governing Council   

Governing Council This is the UPV's governing body and it meets at least once every three months. Its functions include establishing the lines to be followed by the University's strategies and programmes (as well the guidelines and procedures for their implementation) with respect to the organisation of teaching, research, financial and human resources, and drawing up budgets.


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