UPV Quality Policy and Objectives

The Universitat Politècnica de València is a dynamic university committed to training, research and knowledge transfer at the highest level. With a vocation of service to our environment from an innovative, open and global perspective, standing out for offering innovative training programs in the field of technology, science, arts and business that provide its graduates with knowledge and skills that enable them to meet the challenges required by today’s society.

Quality objectives

  • Updating the academic offer of bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral programs, as well as adapting the offer of continuing and lifelong learning to the demands of society.
  • Design and improvement of management systems as a tool for improving organizational efficiency, transparency and accountability to the different stakeholders.
  • Obtaining international quality certifications in those official degrees based on the strategy defined by the UPV.
  • Design of innovative and flexible training opportunities that enhance the student’s learning experience while strengthening the university-work environment link.
  • Orientation of the training offered to people working at the UPV so that they can improve their knowledge and skills in the areas of teaching, management, research and transfer.
  • Coordination of the actions of the different units of the UPV to meet the objectives established in the UPV Strategic Plan.


  • To disseminate the quality policy and objectives, establishing the necessary communication and dissemination channels to facilitate the participation of all stakeholders that are part of the university community.
  • To foster a culture of quality in the institution, in which all its members feel involved in the promotion and orientation towards continuous improvement in all areas.
  • Involve the different stakeholders in the design and updating of the processes and requirements of the SIQ UPV, ensuring its proper functioning and usefulness.
  • To provide the appropriate training to the professionals of the university community according to their respective activities, and to facilitate the necessary knowledge and skills so that they can develop their activity focused on satisfying the needs and expectations of the users.
  • To promote informed decision making in the areas of teaching, research, transfer and management, through the analysis of indicators and information, establishing incentives to guide their achievement.
  • Seek a positive social impact through cooperation with any entity in its environment that favors both student learning and social benefit.
  • Promote the exchange of knowledge through participation in networks with higher education and research organizations and public and private institutions at the national and international level.