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Master's Degree in Languages and Technology

Master's Degree in Languages and Technology Vera (València) Campus, Universitat Politècnica de València

Current trends in society and in the labour market require the application of science and technology to the field of linguistics. Learning about the latest research methods and the use of information and communications technology (ICT) for language teaching, research, translation and text correction is essential to develop these fields and to improve the quality of language researchers and professionals..

This master's degree, developed entirely in the Polytechnic University of Valencia, has a two-pronged professional and research approach that caters to the needs of students in both the didactic and the pure research aspects. On the one hand, it uses innovative methods to address ways of developing a professional career, making use of available technological resources. On the other hand, it prepares students for a research career in the field of applied linguistics, incorporating advances in computational linguistics.

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