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Introduction and objectives

The Master's Degree in Agricultural Engineering qualifies graduates to become agronomists, while the Master's Degree in Food Science and Engineering is aimed at training highly qualified professionals in the agri-food sector, who must have the ability to innovate processes and products bringing together the different aspects that contribute to the success of a specific food in the market, such as its quality and safety, its benefits for consumer's health and, also, its economic viability.

The double degree enables students to acquire the competences of both master's degrees through an integrated academic career. All this in less time and with a lower economic cost than when both master's degrees are obtained individually. In this way, a MUIAGRO student, instead of taking the 102 MUIAGRO ECTS and the 60 MUCIA ECTS, takes a total of 136 ECTS.


Structure of the master's degree

- 1st year (60 ECTS): it fully matches the first course of the Master's Degree in Agricultural Engineering.

- 2nd year - semester A (44 ECTS): they will study the 4 subjects of the Specialisation in Agri-Food Industries course of the MUIAGRO (24 ECTS), as well as 8 subjects of the MUCIA with a duration of 2.5 ECTS each.

- 2nd year - semester B (32 ECTS): the MUCIA curricular internships (8 ECTS) and the Final Master's Dissertation of the MUIAGRO (12 ECTS) and the Final Master's Dissertation of the MUCIA (12 ECTS) shall be completed.


Who is it for?

hose graduates in possession of an official university degree that enables them to become Agricultural Technical Engineers.


Admission criteria

Students must meet the admission criteria for the University Master's Degree in Agricultural Engineering, since this is a qualifying Master's Degree.

In addition, students must have completed at least 50 ECTS of the first course of the Master's Degree in Agricultural Engineering and, in particular, the following subjects:
33376 - Management of Safety and Traceability in the Food Industry
33375 - Food Industry

Applications for admission to the double degree shall be assessed by the Joint Academic Committee in accordance with the merit and selection criteria of both degrees.


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