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Master's Degree in Precision Livestock Farming Vera (València) Campus, Universitat Politècnica de València

Master's Degree in Precision Livestock Farming

60 credits

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Livestock farming has evolved in recent decades, and is now facing social challenges that go beyond providing food for the population. The aim of producing quality and safe food while respecting the environment and animal welfare, and preserving the economic and social viability of the sector as well, has led to a change in the sector's paradigm.

Thus, the modernisation of livestock production (understood as the whole of the value chain) is now a fact at both regional and international level - a fact that makes it necessary for academia to respond to the demands of an increasingly technified, ever-expanding sector. The Master's Degree in Precision Livestock Farming is thus aimed at graduates in agronomy and veterinary science who wish to specialise in cutting-edge animal production systems.

The contents of this degree are based on fundamental concepts derived from the original undergraduate degrees. These concepts range from engineering applied to livestock farms and animal management to biological issues related to physiology, behaviour, reproduction and health, as well as the basics of applied biotechnology. These fundamental concepts are the basis on which precision livestock farming is now being built, by using this knowledge to develop monitoring systems, biotechnological tools for presenting molecules and organisms intelligently in order to modulate animal nutrition, health and welfare, and also tools to manage information and results in order to improve decision-making processes.

These contents have been developed in close collaboration between the academic and business worlds and students, thus covering the objectives of all the agents involved.


The Master's Degree in Precision Livestock Farming aims to complete the training of those graduates who wish to specialise in the main aspects towards which livestock production is heading. Specifically, the degree aims to train students to...

Number of credits

60 ECTS credits

Structure of the master's degree

This degree is structured in three modules.

The first module (36 ECTS credits) deals with the basics and tools of precision livestock farming. The aim of this module is, in the first place, to provide a knowledge base on the objectives and challenges of present and future livestock farming, identifying the control points of the production processes that are most relevant in this respect. Subsequently, students are provided with the ability to use technological and biotechnological tools for the practical application of these precision livestock farming systems. This module also includes a subject that aims to train students to manage both businesses and human resources, as well as the massive data generated by precision livestock farming tools.

The second module aims to enable students to apply their knowledge in practice, either through internships in companies in this sector or by starting out in the field of research. This module comprises 12 ECTS credits.

The final module is the maste's thesis, in which students will integrate all the skills acquired (12 ECTS).

Aimed at

The recommended profile for admission is this: students who have completed degrees in disciplines directly related to the field of animal production, such as Agri-Food and Rural Engineering or Veterinary Science, or equivalent university degrees (e.g. Agronomic Engineering, Animal Science Engineering, etc.).

Admission criteria

There are no special conditions or exams for admission to this master's degree. In the event that the number of applications for admission exceeds the number of places offered, the average grade of the students' academic record will be a criterion for determining admission priority.

The Academic Committee of the Degree will thus evaluate the students' academic record and establish the order in which applications will be admitted.



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