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Master's Degree in Computer-Aided Integrated Manufacturing and Design Vera (València) Campus, Universitat Politècnica de València

Master's Degree in Computer-Aided Integrated Manufacturing and Design

60 credits

Credit 35,34€
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This master's degree specialises in the latest integrated computer-aided design and manufacturing techniques. Nowadays, manufacturing goes hand in hand with the use of these technologies, so its contents will be directly applicable by students in their future professional activity. The knowledge obtained in this master's degree must enable students to go through all the stages of the life cycle of the product, from conceptual design to manufacturing and recycling.

The master's provides knowledge in: design and geometric modelling; simulation and analysis of behaviour of parts, products and processes; production planning; transport, storage, handling, processing and inspection techniques; management of the product's lifecycle; as well as other subjects and methodologies included or related to integrated manufacturing. All of the above is based on the subjects and the final master's dissertation taken by the students (FMD).

The main objective of the Master's Degree in Computer-Aided Integrated Manufacturing and Design is to professionally prepare students by implementing the theoretical/practical knowledge acquired. The best way to do this is through an internships and the FMD that, in most cases, are based in real problem solving in some of the sectors of our industrial environment.

Master's Internships are obligatory and are carried out at the request of the student in a company with which UPV has to sign an agreement. ETSED relies on the assistant director of human relations who is responsible for locating and selecting these companies.

The final Master's project can be carried out in an industrial or academic setting, with the opportunity of working either in companies, research institutes or in national or foreign universities. In all cases, the student is given the necessary knowledge in the ideal environment for the initiation of doctoral studies in Design, Manufacture and Industrial Project Management.


  • Understand the processes involved in product development.
  • Analyze the design process of a model and be able to describe it adequately.
  • Master the new CAD/CAE/CAM/CIM technologies and be able to assess their deployment.
  • Master manufacturing processes and their applications.
  • Have knowledge of the information connected with CAD/CAE/CAM/CIM tools and be able to transfer data reliably between the various systems.
  • Make virtual, three-dimensional and functional prototypes of the design products.
  • Achieve three-dimensional digitalization of all industrial parts, as well as using the corresponding software.
  • Programme the assembly of pieces detecting interference, as well as the correct operational quality of the equipment.
  • Get to know the tools and techniques for the integration of design and manufacture in a sustainable development.
  • Be able to automate, with the use of robots, productive processes, as well as automated conveyer systems.
  • Be able to establish and maintain systems tracking.
  • Incorporate optimization concepts in production procedures.
  • Be able to analyze the viability of manufacturing and business projects.
  • Knowledge management of the design and the manufacture of products.

Who is it for?

Since this degree is professional and instrumental, students who have completed any of the following degrees may be granted access:

(a) Degrees in Mechanical Engineering (GIM), in Industrial Technologies (GITI), Industrial Electronics and Automation (GIEIA), Aerospace (GIA) and other similar degrees.
(b) Degrees in Design Engineering and Product Development (GIDDP), Chemical (GIQ) and Electrical Engineering (GIE); Degree in Computer Engineering, Materials or Industrial Organisation; Topography and others similar to the above.
(c) Architecture, Fine Arts and other degrees related to the master's degree in question.

Admission requirements

Students will be selected on the basis of an assessment of their academic record, their curricular orientation and, if necessary, a personal interview.


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