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Master's Degree in Food Science and Engineering Vera (València) Campus, Universitat Politècnica de València

Master's Degree in Food Science and Engineering

60 credits

Credit 35,34€
Give access to scholarships

40 openings


The food industry is the sector that contributes most to gross domestic product in Spain. On the other hand, the lifestyle of today's society demands a variety of foods that are easy to buy and prepare and have a long shelf life. This requires the training of highly qualified professionals in the sector, who must be able to innovate processes and products by bringing together the different aspects that contribute to the success of a food on the market, such as its quality and safety, its health benefits for consumers and also its economic viability.


The aim of this master's degree is to train specialists who are capable of optimising and innovating processes and products, as well as managing by-products and waste from the food industry, providing scientific and technological advice to the food industry and related industries, as well as to consumers, and managing a food industry in all its areas. All this without losing sight of the fundamental aspect of providing consumers with quality, safe and healthy food.

Aimed at

  • Graduates of Agricultural, Chemical and Industrial Engineering. Graduates of Biotechnology, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Pharmacy, Medicine, Veterinary Science, Food Science and Technology, Biochemistry and Oenology.
  • Diplomas in Human Nutrition and Dietetics..
  • Graduates of qualifications equivalent to these.
  • Equivalent qualifications abroad.

Students admitted to the master's degree programme will be assigned a tutor with whom they will decide the specific subjects in which they should enrol according to the student's previous degree and orientation.

Admission criteria

The admission and selection procedure for students will be based on:

  • Bachelor's degree
  • Academic record
  • Curriculum vitae (assessing the courses taken, research accomplishments and professional experience related to the contents of the master's degree).
  • Personal interview, if appropriate.


Institute for Food Engineering for Development (UEDI)


  • Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV): Department of Food Technology; Advanced Centre for Food Microbiology of the Department of Biotechnology; Centre for Quality and Change Management of the Department of Applied Statistics and Operations Research and Quality; and the Centre for Specialisation in Agrifood Business Management of the Department of Economics and Social Sciences
  • Spanish National Scientific Research Council (CSIC): Institute for Agrochemistry and Food Technology


  • Ministry of Education

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