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Bachelor's Double Degree in Mathematics + Informatics Engineering Vera (València) Campus, Universitat Politècnica de València

Bachelor's Double Degree in Mathematics + Informatics Engineering

5 years
358,5 credits

Credit 14,03 / 17,34€
Give access to scholarships

GPA for admission 13,50

15 openings

Presentation of the degree

Students will obtain two bachelor's degrees: Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics and Bachelor's Degree in Informatics Engineering.

This programme prepares professionals with rigorous training in mathematics, a high qualification and a versatile profile, who will also be highly capable of addressing problems and finding solutions in the field of computer engineering. They will acquire the ability to design, implement and manage computer system projects and innovative intelligent systems.

This double degree responds to a growing demand from the world of science, technology and research, leading to a very high employment rate.

Career opportunities

Thanks to the double profile, it is possible to work in any of the two fields for which these degrees qualify students.

This double degree provides students with added value as experts in mathematical modelling of ICT solutions, simulation, artificial intelligence, data analysis and systems optimisation. Graduates can therefore apply this knowledge to companies dedicated to ICT services, consultancy and engineering, systems maintenance and cybersecurity, and also to financial institutions (fintech) and companies based on blockchain technologies.

They can also enter administration, teaching and research.

International mobility and internships

Students of this double degree programme have multiple options for taking part of their studies and completing their bachelor’s thesis in another university, through an academic exchange. There are agreements for this purpose with universities in Spain, Europe and the rest of the world –for instance, in the United States, China, Japan and Australia.

These studies have an applied orientation, with a wide range of internships in companies or research entities. All internships, except those in NGOs, are paid.

Further studies

The Bachelor's Degree in Informatics Engineering leads to the Master's Degree in Informatics Engineering, which qualifies students to practise the computer engineering profession. The Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics, together with the Bachelor's Degree in Informatics Engineering, is the natural entry route to the Master's Degree in Cybersecurity and Cyberintelligence.

It is also possible to access the following master's degrees offered by the UPV: Mathematical Research; Cloud and High Performance Computing; Software Engineering, Formal Methods and Information Systems; Artificial Intelligence, Pattern Recognition and Digital Imaging; and Computer and Network Engineering.


Credits for obtaining the degree

Basic courses Compulsory Elective Internship TFG Total
78,00 213,00 43,50 0,00 24,00 358,50

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