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UPV 2020 Strategic Plan presentation

Chairman of the Strategic Plan Committee 

UPV, a decisive impetus to society.

The 2020 Strategic Plan has its origins in the UPV's mission to provide a decisive impetus to the society it serves, as understood in its broadest sense, without geographical or cultural boundaries. A commitment which is essential for a public university, despite the threat in recent years to its progress in the areas of education and science and despite the difficulties it has experienced in holding onto and acquiring new talent due to the economic restrictions it has been subjected to. The UPV faces the future with a clear commitment to changing this situation and to becoming an influential and transformative element in 21st Century society.

There are many ways in which the UPV can and must create a decisive impetus. Firstly, by developing quality training and education, creating a situation where our students acquire the skills necessary to add value to their professional and personal development and have awareness that educational needs are constantly changing and that education is a life-long process. We must strengthen all those aspects which allow students to remain permanently connected to the University and which are a unifying element between the society where they carry out their professions and our university.

Secondly, we must continue to foster quality research, research which is relevant to the needs of companies and institutions which are closest geographically. An unbending commitment to the region and the society of which we are part, but without losing sight of the increasingly predominant component of internationalisation which is today an essential element to take into account if we do not wish to fall into localism which, in the long term, can be a factor which limits development. In a globalised world, alliances with institutions and businesses in a broader sense must play a significant role allowing a fluent exchange of knowledge leading to mutual progress.

Additionally and linked to the previous point, the UPV must mobilise its research to make it more transferrable, more directly applicable and as immediate as possible, again with a focus of the most essential part of our intellectual contribution on the local geographical area, so as to work towards making its products more innovative and with increased added value in order to allow it to compete with greater guarantees in the global market. We must seek a competitive advantage in those differentiating elements which characterise us both intellectually and territorially.

Finally, the UPV must direct its mission of education, research and transfer within a specific framework, fostering values and following the lines of action which, today more than ever, society demands of us. We must make an unwavering commitment to using public resources efficiently and transparently. We must show respect to people who form part of our institution, be socially committed to the difficulties of our working environment and make an unbending commitment to environmental sustainability.

The UPV 2020 Strategic Plan was founded on and articulated by way of the concepts which have been briefly introduced in the previous paragraphs and which are developed and accomplished through its mission, vision and values. These three concepts are common in the definition of any strategic plan. Together with the three classic concepts, this Strategic Plan has been designed with a strong emphasis on the concept of strategic challenge which specifically focusses the vision of the institution by way of five key lines of action. On the basis of which, 21 strategic projects have been definitively established with objectives and structured action plans and measurable variables which allow the determination of the progress made in putting these projects into action.

If we are able to move in these directions in a focussed, organised and systematic way, I sincerely believe we will be capable of making the correct progress in our mission and we will advance towards the creation of an increasingly solid reputation for our institution in order that it may give a decisive impetus to our society.

Miguel Andrés Martínez Iranzo
Ex Vice-Rector for Economic Affairs and Planning of the Universitat Politècnica de València


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