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A University without borders 

We also firmly believe in student and staff exchange programmes between universities in different countries. Study and work periods abroad at other universities help to establish procedures to develop joint projects, both in research as well as in education.

For this reason UPV has a specific exchange service for students and teachers, which is leader in the Erasmus Programme. During the past academic year 2.437 students made use of this programme.

All-round education 

The Polytechnic University of Valencia has built its administration to support the academic and research activities that seek to be an archetype of professionalised and efficient organisation and management. Thanks to that, UPV can offer a wide range of services to its university community.

Cultural events, state-of-the-art computer systems, magnificent sports facilities, a completely automated library, a university press, psychological and medical care, a nursery, canteens and cafeterias, as well an Information Office that deals with any type of query... are some of UPV's features that make daily life much easier.

Future panorama 

There is a fraction of the future that we are going to inherit and that we are entitled to. That is the aim that encourages us to offer our students and our teaching and administrative staff the best, and to be of use to the society we work in.

We believe in that goal and we constantly work to achieve it, using quality and improvement as our model. That is why today we are proud to give what we are. That is why we want to continue being a unique and unmatched institution. That is why we are still thinking about the future.


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