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Advertising campaign and activity report 2019
Foro de Empleo Information for the Companies/Institutions Advertising campaign and activity report 2019  ...


FORUM POSTER Forum poster containing logos of sponsor companies. Print Run: 500 copies.

ACTIVITY POSTERS Posters advertising programme of the different activities taking place. Print Run: 1000 copies.

ADVERTISING MAGAZINE OF PARTICIPATING COMPANIES Magazine containing information about companies taking part. Print Run: 1.000 copies.

INFORMATION LEAFLETS ABOUT FORUM Information leaflets including participating companies, map of stand location, degree requirement and activity programme. Print Run: 10.000 copies.

SIGNAGE ARROUND VERA CAMPUS Signage advertising the Forum (placards, signs and arrows) will be put all over the Vera Campus.

FLYERS They are distributed on the installations of the main universities in the city of Valencia. Print Run: 6.000 copies..


APP Web application and for mobile phones with all the event and taking part companies information.

VIRTUAL FORUM Virtual Forum open all year.

MMAILING TO UPV GRADUATES Mailing to previous three year s of UPV graduates: 4.000 graduates/year.

MAILING TO UPV STUDENTS Email mailing to UPV estudents in last two years of studies: 23.000 students.

UPV WEB PAGE (www.upv.es) Advert featuring on main page. Receives 2.300.000 hits/month. Publication period: 2 months.

INTEGRATED EMPLOYMENT SERVICE WEB PAGE (www.sie.upv.es) Advert featuring on main page. Receives 35.000 hits/month. Publication period: Permanent.

FORUM WEB PAGE (www.sie.upv.es/foro) Main forum web page, on which sponsoring and participating companies are featured with links to their respoective web sites.

DISSEMINATION THROUGH SOCIAL NETWORKS: Event dissemination via the officials networks at the UPV, such as Facebook, Twitter and Linked-Id.

JOB FAIR APP: Provides information to the students by an easy way.

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