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Free Bus

Free bus

Students of the PolytechnicUniversity of Valencia at the Gandia Campus can travel free of charge on the city bus Line 1 (Marina), which connects the Renfe station of Gandia and the Gandia Campus. The service is offered on school days at the Graode Gandia schools and is suspended during the months when there is no teaching at our campuses (June, July, August and early September). The stops are located in front of the Renfe train station and next to the Campus'cafeteria.

To be able to take advantageof this free transportation, you must be enrolled, be 30 years old or younger and apply for the transportation card from September 1 to October 2 (first deadline) and from January 10 to February 6 (to be fixed).

Transport card application

Transport card applications will be made on the intranet of the UPV-Information for the University Community-Polytechnic School of Gandia, in the section 'Applications for Students EPSG' access 'Student Transport Card'. In order to process the renewals, it is ESSENTIAL to deposit the card at the Gandia Campus Information Office before the end of the application period.

In order to process the card, a photograph is required, which is normally taken from the intranet itself, but sometimes, due to deadlines, etc., it is possible that a photograph may be requested to be uploaded. Without a photograph,it will NOT be possible to process the card.

You will be notified by mail when the cards are available for pick up at Information; if you do not pick them up during the course, you will be penalized. In order for the sanction to be withdrawn, you must access the application during the card application period and follow the steps indicated there. The withdrawal of the penalty will not be effective until the next application period, where you must access the application again and request the renewal.

Terms of use

The card is personal and non-transferable. It is valid from the beginning of the academic year, in September, until the end of classes, only on school days.

In the period between the beginning of the academic year and the time the card has not been activated or collected, Line 1 can be used with the definitive or provisional UPV card.

At the end of the academic year, the card will expire and cannot be used, although it must be kept if you wish to reactivate it at the beginning of the next academic year.

The renewal is done, like the application, on the intranet.The card must be deposited at the Information desk.

You can only have one transport card linked to the City Council of Gandia. The last one that has been requested will remain active.

The issuance of duplicates due to loss, theft, damage or any other cause must be made at the information office of the City Council of Gandia and may involve the corresponding payment. The lost or stolen card will be cancelled and will not be active.

Only incidents NOT related to the support or operation of the card itself will be channelledthrough the Information Service.


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