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Hallarse - Lucía Benavente, Argentina 2019

In a space empty of every possible shape, fragments of a body dance without a finite time. Director Biography - Lucía Benavente Lucía Benavente is a scriptwriter and audiovisual director. She makes fiction and video art short films. She won the scholarship from the National Fund for the Arts with the Municipal Fund of Morón with the shortfilm Confines. Find Oneself, video dance with an experimental search, was selected in the George Méliés Short Film Contest (2019) and screened at the Mar del Plata International Film Festival and at the FAUNA Arts Festival (2019) at the San Martín Cultural Center. It was also selected at the Danza en foco festival (2020), and the EIVV Encontre Internacional de Videodansa i Videoperformance (2023). Other Beaches, an essay about filming and youth, and Relapse, a fiction about loneliness and waiting, were in the Official Selection of the Best of Latin America Short Film Festival (2020).

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