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Master's Degree in Textile Engineering Alcoi Campus, Universitat Politècnica de València

Master's Degree in Textile Engineering

90 credits

Credit 17,34€
Give access to scholarships

25 openings


The current textile field requires trained people, with the capacity to lead companies and research structures related to this sector - people who can face the challenge of new competences, and who help companies develop new products and be competitive in the renewed textile market.

Three benchmark institutions for the textile sector are collaborating in the development of this master's degree: the UPV, the Textile Industry Research Association - AITEX, and the Textile Business Association of the Valencian Community (ATEVAL). The infrastructures and the strong relationship with the productive environment that these organisations have make it possible for the master's degree to provide the intended training.


To train professionals who are capable of providing optimal solutions to textile engineering processes. Graduates will be competent to:

  • Obtain specialised products using high-tech materials and processes.
  • Diversify the field of application of textiles to many more sectors.
  • Acquire a detailed vision of current issues in the textile engineering field.
  • Manage R&D&I projects.
  • Use research instruments skilfully, applying the appropriate scientific methodology.
  • Promote scientific and methodological knowledge for the development and characterisation of new materials.
  • Promote the creation of textile companies.

Admission criteria

The following access priority is established according to previous qualifications:

  • Preferential degrees: bachelor's degrees in Industrial Design and Product Development Engineering; Chemistry; Mechanics; Electrical Engineering; Textile Technology and Design; Textile Design and Technology; Industrial Design; Mechanical Design; Industrial Chemistry; Industrial Chemical Processes; Materials; Industrial Organisation; Organisation; Industrial Technologies; Industrial Technology; Process and Product Innovation; Industrial Technique; Materials Engineering; Industrial Organisation Engineering; Industrial Engineering; Chemical Engineering; Industrial Technical Engineering, in the following specialities: Textile Engineering, Industrial Chemistry, Mechanics, Electrical Engineering, and Electronic Engineering; and Technical Engineering in Industrial Design.
  • Other degrees: bachelor's degrees in Design, Fashion Design, Interior Design, Chemistry, Industrial Organisation, Environmental Sciences, Environmental Engineering, Biology, Chemical Sciences, Chemistry, Environmental Sciences, Biology, and any other international degrees with a content equivalent to the above.

Academic exchange

The management of mobility programmes is carried out through the UPV Office of International Exchange Programmes (OPII) at the Alcoi campus, which provides general support to the management of the master's degree academic exchanges http://www.upv.es/contenidos/IOFEPSA/

Internships in companies

The master's degree provides for internships in companies, as an extracurricular or curricular offer.

The collaboration of the external entities participating in this master's degree (the Textile Industry Research Association - AITEX, and the Textile Business Association of the Valencian Community, ATEVAL) provides a boost for this offer of internships for students.

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