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Master Degree in Tourism Intelligence

Master Degree in Tourism Intelligence Gandia Campus, Universitat Politècnica de València

The tourism sector has historically been a pioneer in introducing the latest technological advances, especially those related to information and communications technologies. With regard to tourism planning and management, a new approach is currently linked to the implementation of technology in a comprehensive, integrated manner in tourist destinations. This new approach leads us to the concept of Tourism Intelligence, understood as the coherent and harmonious interrelation of the basic pillars of tourism development and sustainability, using and taking advantage of information and communications technologies.

This way, tourism intelligence implies collecting and leveraging the data generated by users to learn about their motivations and needs, improve and adjust the supply to demand efficiently, but above all to support strategic decision making at a destination and/or tourist company. In short, Tourism Intelligenceis considered as an excellent way for tourism planning and management, reaching a broad and orderly development from innovation, governance, accessibility, sustainability and connectivity.

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