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Master's Degree in Computer-Aided Integrated Manufacturing and Design Vera (València) Campus, Universitat Politècnica de València

This master's degree specialises in the latest integrated computer-aided design and manufacturing techniques. Nowadays, manufacturing goes hand in hand with the use of these technologies, so its contents will be directly applicable by students in their future professional activity. The knowledge obtained in this master's degree must enable students to go through all the stages of the life cycle of the product, from conceptual design to manufacturing and recycling.

The master's provides knowledge in: design and geometric modelling; simulation and analysis of behaviour of parts, products and processes; production planning; transport, storage, handling, processing and inspection techniques; management of the product's lifecycle; as well as other subjects and methodologies included or related to integrated manufacturing. All of the above is based on the subjects and the final master's dissertation taken by the students (FMD).

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