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Introduction and objectives

The Master’s Degree in Agricultural Engineering (MUIAGRO) qualifies students to practise the regulated profession of agricultural engineer, while the Master’s Degree in Precision Livestock Farming (MUGP) aims to complete their training in the main aspects towards which livestock production is heading nowadays and will be heading in the future. These are the development of monitoring systems; biotechnological tools for the intelligent presentation of molecules and organisms to modulate nutrition; animal health and welfare; and the management of information and results to improve decision-making. 

The curriculum of both degrees is multidisciplinary, and oriented towards both professional and research aspects. The double degree allows students to acquire the competences of both master’s degrees through an integrated educational path, in less time and at a lower financial cost than would be necessary for obtaining both master’s degrees separately. Thus, instead of taking 102 MUIAGRO ECTS plus 60 MUGP ECTS, a student of this double master’s degree will only take 127 ECTS in total.


Structure of the master’s degree

  • 1st year (60 ECTS): coincides exactly with the first year of the Master’s Degree in Agricultural Engineering: http://www.upv.es/titulaciones/MUIAGRO/menu_1013996i.html

  • 2nd year, semester A (31 ECTS): students will take the subjects of the specialisation in “Animal Production Science and Technology” and the subject “Big Data: Information Management” of the “Professional Orientation” module of the Master’s Degree in Agricultural Engineering. 

  • 2nd year, semester B (36 ECTS): students will take the “Practical Application of Precision Livestock Farming” module, either as a company internship (12 ECTS) or as “Initiation to Research” (12 ECTS), plus the MUIAGRO master’s thesis (12 ECTS) and the MUGP master’s thesis (12 ECTS).


Aimed at

Holders of a Bachelor’s Degree in Agricultural and Biological Engineering who wish to obtain the necessary skills to practise the regulated profession of agricultural engineer, and also want to gain in-depth knowledge of all aspects related to precision livestock farming.


Admission criteria

Students must meet the admission criteria for the Master’s Degree in Agricultural Engineering, as this is a qualifying master’s degree. The reference degree for admission is the Bachelor’s Degree in in Agricultural and Biological Engineering. Likewise, graduates with degrees equivalent to the reference degree from any Spanish university will be admitted without additional training. The rest of the degrees allow their holders to access the master’s degree studies too, but in this case, individualised consideration of each situation will be necessary to determine the training complements required for admission, depending on the student’s origin.


Applications for admission to the double master’s degree will be assessed by the Joint Academic Committee, in accordance with the merit and selection criteria of both degrees.



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