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Bachelor's Degree in Chemical Engineering Vera (València) Campus, Universitat Politècnica de València

Bachelor's Degree in Chemical Engineering

4 years
240 credits

Credit 17,34€
Give access to scholarships

GPA for admission 11,14

40 openings (+40 in PARS)

Presentation of the degree

This degree aims for students to be able to conceive, calculate, build, start up and manage chemical industry equipment and facilities and, in general, in those industries where chemical processes are carried out in which the matter undergoes changes in its composition, state or energy content. It can taken at the Technical School of Industrial Engineers (ETSII) and at the Escuela Politécnica Superior de Alcoi (EPSA).

This degree is internationally certified with the EUR-ACE quality label. 

This degree is internationally certified with the EUR-ACE quality label.

Career opportunities

This degree qualifies you to become a technical and industrial engineer professional. You will be able to work both in the manufacturing and in the consulting and design industry, in companies in the field of chemical engineering. You can reach positions of responsibility in the production, quality and environment departments. In addition, you can be in charge of the operation of facilities related to industrial chemistry.

Similarly, you can perform technical, legal and commercial advisory tasks; become a freelancer (preparing expert opinions, judgements and projects in the field of industrial chemistry), or join the Public Administration or take on teaching (as a secondary education teacher or university lecturer).

International mobility and internships

You can take a semester in universities from over 30 countries with which ETSII and EPSA have signed academic exchange agreements, or take a semester in another Spanish university.

You will have the chance to carry out professional internships in any of the many private and public companies and institutions with which the School has signed agreements, often aimed at completing your final degree project.

Further studies

The degree grants access to the Master's Degree in Chemical Engineering, which enables you to practice the profession of chemical engineer, which equates a regulated profession.

In addition, it also enables access to the Master's Degree in Industrial Engineering and any UPV master's degree after completing the appropriate complementary training.


Credits for obtaining the degree

Basic courses Compulsory Elective Internship TFG Total
64,50 127,50 36,00 0,00 12,00 240,00
This bachelor's degree is part of a
UPV bachelor's degree + master's degree programme.

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