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Ask the Rector 2024

José E. Capilla answers the doubts that the university community sent via Instagram on his third anniversary as Rector of the UPV

[ 19/06/2024 ]

On 1 June 2021, José E. Capilla assumed the position of Rector at the Universitat Politècnica de València. Three years later, and in line with previous editions since he assumed this role, Capilla will once again address the questions and concerns of the university community.

This year, in a new format designed especially for UPV students, the Rector's answers can be followed on Instagram @instaupv. At the end of May, it was there where those who wished sent in their questions, and now Laura Sánchez Rueda, Gandia Campus Tiktoker, has passed them on to Capilla.

In the coming days, the Rector will address all the doubts raised through Instagram in several posts on this platform.

Ask the Rector: Part 1

Ask the Rector: Part 2

Ask the Rector: Part 3

Ask the Rector: Part 4

Ask the Rector: Part 5

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