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Sant Carles Medals 2023

The Faculty of Fine Arts of the UPV awards the Sant Carles Medals 2023 to outstanding Valencian art and culture figures

[ 09/01/2024 ]

As part of the celebration of the Sant Carles festivity, patron saint of the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Universitat Politècnica de València, the centre has awarded the Sant Carles Medals 2023 to outstanding personalities and institutions that have made a significant contribution to the promotion and dissemination of culture and art in Valencian society.

They are the acclaimed artist Soledad Sevilla, the renowned ceramist Enric Mestre and the Sala Carme Teatre for their notable influence in the Valencian cultural context.

Soledad Sevilla, born in Valencia in 1944, is an outstanding figure in the contemporary Spanish art scene. Her career, marked by a profound exploration of geometry, light and space, has earned her numerous awards, including the Premio Nacional de Artes Plásticas and the Premio Velázquez de Artes Plásticas.

Enric Mestre, born in Alboraya in 1936, is internationally recognised as one of the leading exponents of contemporary ceramics. His distinctive and evolving work has left a significant mark on the national and international art and ceramics scene.

The Sala Carme Teatre, inaugurated in 1995 in Valencia, has played a crucial role in the Valencian stage scene, distinguished by its eclectic programme, which encompasses national and international stage proposals, with a particular preference for local creations.

Both Soledad Sevilla and Enric Mestre attended the medal award ceremony, which took place at the UPV's Faculty of Fine Arts. The directors and programmers of the Sala Carme Teatre, Aurelio Delgado, Raúl Lago and Marina Díaz received the medal on behalf of the institution.

Exhibition by Soledad Sevilla

The Sant Carles Medals award ceremony was followed by the opening of the exhibition "Soledad Sevilla. Soñé con un espacio" in the Sala Josep Renau of the Faculty of Fine Arts of the UPV.

The exhibition, curated by Isabel Tejeda and Laura Silvestre, will be open to the public until March 6, 2024. The collection covers some of the most significant series of Soledad Sevilla's artistic career, exploring the connections between light, matter and space throughout her prolific career.

For Soledad Sevilla, the result of this exhibition has been a pleasant surprise: "The curators Isabel Tejeda and Laura Silvestre have selected works from my studio's storeroom, unique pieces from different series and what they have achieved is magnificent. I am very, very happy. I encourage all students to visit it, especially those beginning to paint, work, or enter the art world, because I think it will be very instructive".

Twenty-six editions

Since 1996, the Medals have sought to highlight and give value to people and entities whose contribution to the field of art and culture has been relevant to our community. Artists such as Cristina de Middel, José Mª Yturralde, Miquel Navarro, the Crónica team or entities such as the Hortensia Herrero Foundation, the MuVIM or the Salvem el Cabanyal platform have been recognised in some of its 26th editions.

San Carlos 2023 Medals - Soledad Sevilla, Enric Mestre and Sala Carme Teatre (video of the event)

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