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Cut-off marks

Find out the university entrance qualification for each Universitat Politècnica de València degree

[ 11/06/2024 ]

Are you considering studying at the Universitat Politècnica de València? Then, you should consult the cut-off mark for this degree in the academic year 2023 - 2024.

This mark will serve as a reference to know the qualification you need to achieve to study the degree you are interested in, as it is the mark of the last person admitted to this degree the previous year.

Your favourite, first choice

Each year, the cut-off mark may vary; if more people apply for the degree, it will go up, but if fewer apply, it will go down.

In any case, we recommend choosing your preferred degree as your first option, regardless of whether your mark is below the cut-off mark. This way, you can get into the degree if the mark goes down; it will be difficult if you don't choose it as your first option.

Research the degrees

The fact that a degree has a higher or lower cut-off mark has nothing to do with the quality of the studies or the career opportunities it offers but with the interest it arouses at any given time. Perhaps it is fashionable because it is talked about a lot or because it is one of the 'lifelong' degrees.

However, some degrees with exciting content and career opportunities are less popular and have a lower cut-off mark. Don't hesitate: the Bachelor's and Master's degrees offered by the UPV will provide you with a solid knowledge base to access more professions than you can imagine!

We recommend that you find out more about each of the degree programmes in the area of knowledge you are interested in.

Check out the course syllabi (available on the website of each degree programme) and the one-and-a-half-minute videos we have prepared. In them, students, academic staff and professionals who have studied these degrees explain the content and professional opportunities they offer in a very simple way.

Calculate your admission mark

The cut-off marks for the general quota are your reference if you have a baccalaureate or a vocational training diploma (FP). The maximum admission mark is 14 points.

For students with a baccalaureate, it is calculated as follows:

Average baccalaureate mark x 0.6 + average mark in the compulsory phase of the University Entrance Examination (PAU) x 0.4 = maximum 10 points.


Average mark in the voluntary phase (mark in optional subject A x 0.1 or 0.2) + (mark in optional subject B x 0.1 or 0.2) = maximum 4 points.

A maximum of four subjects may be taken in the Voluntary Phase. It is best to choose the subjects with the highest weighting for the degree you are interested in (see weightings here).

Depending on your chosen degree, a subject may have no weighting, a 0.1 or a 0.2 weighting. If you take exams in four subjects, the two best marks will be taken.

If you get a 10 in two subjects with a 0.2 weighting, you can get the maximum 4 points for the optional phase.

If you come from vocational training studies, you can access the university with the average mark of the Higher-Level Training Cycle (CFGS); if you need to raise your mark to 4 points, you can take the Voluntary Phase of the University Entrance Exams (PAU). Your university entrance mark would then be:

The average mark of the CFGS = 10 points maximum


The average mark of the optional phase = 4 points maximum.

You can consult this and other information on our Admission degree section.

We wish you peace of mind and good luck in this final stretch before university.

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