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Master's Degree in Plant Health and Production Vera (València) Campus, Universitat Politècnica de València

Master's Degree in Plant Health and Production

60 credits

Credit 35,34€
Give access to scholarships

25 openings


The objective of the Master's Degree in Plant Health and Production is to provide students with adequate training adapted to the needs of the agricultural reality with a view to acquiring skills in the fields of agricultural health and production technologies.

A parallel objective is the training of future researchers in the aforementioned areas, so that its graduates can go on to doctoral studies. In this sense, the master's degree is linked to the Doctoral Programme Agricultural Resources and Technologies.

The syllabus is academically oriented, addressing different problems from a multidisciplinary perspective that includes both professional (pest management and agronomic management of different types of crops) and research aspects (advanced methodologies in plant protection and production).

The knowledge and skills that students will acquire at the end of the master's degree are as follows:

  • Plant Health Technology
  • Plant Production Technology
  • Ability to plan and draw up projects and technical studies in the fields of Plant Health and Production.
  • Capacity to develop R+D+I studies in the fields of Plant Health and Production.


The ultimate objective of the Master's Degree in Plant Health and Production is the training of technicians and researchers in the fields of plant protection and production, which it addresses through the following training objectives:

  • Advanced training in identification, recognition and diagnosis of biotic stressors (pests, diseases and weeds) affecting cultivated plants.
  • Advanced training in pest, disease and weed management technologies for cultivated plants.
  • Advanced training in irrigation technology, fertilisation, propagation and general aspects of soil management in crops
  • Advanced training in production and quality in different types of arable and woody crops in the Mediterranean area.

Aimed at

Suitable entry profile:

  • Degree in Agrifood and Rural Engineering
  • Degree in Forestry and Environmental Engineering
  • Agricultural Engineer
  • Forestry Engineer
  • Technical Agricultural Engineer
  • Technical Forestry Engineer
  • Degree in Biological Sciences
  • Degree in Environmental Sciences
  • And similar qualifications

In accordance with the regulations governing access to official master's degree courses set out in Article 16 of Royal Decree 861/2010, of 2 July, which amends Royal Decree 1393/2007, of 29 October, which establishes the organisation of official university courses, in order to gain access to official master's degree courses it is necessary to hold an official Spanish university degree or another issued by a higher education institution belonging to another member state of the European Higher Education Area which entitles access to master's degree courses in that country.

Graduates from educational systems outside the European Higher Education Area may also be admitted without the need for their qualifications to be recognised, subject to verification by the UPV that they accredit a level of training equivalent to the corresponding official Spanish university qualifications and that they are recognised in the country issuing the qualification for access to postgraduate studies. Access by this route does not imply, in any case, the validation of the previous degree held by the interested party, nor its recognition for purposes other than that of studying for the master's degree.

Admission criteria

  • Qualifications mentioned
  • Curriculum
  • Profile matching


  • Department of Agroforestry Ecosystems
  • Department of Plant Production


Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport

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