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Master's Degree in Artistic Production Vera (València) Campus, Universitat Politècnica de València

The Master's Degree in Artistic Production is designed to train artists and professionals in the visual arts; one hundred places are on offer in this seventh edition of the course. The diversity of professional profiles in the job market for Fine Arts graduates requires an education that is versatile and continuously changing. Artists and visual arts professionals must have the requisite skill-set to get projects off the ground and build their future careers. They need to act with freedom and agility in the exercise of their profession, exploring and researching the field of artistic creation and how to adapt to the visual arts industry, where they will be able to apply the technical and creative skills that they have acquired. The PhD in Art: Production and Research specializes in this professional field, building strong relationships with other academic disciplines and recognized professionals. The Master's Degree in Artistic Production allows students to access the PhD in Art: Production and Research.

With a flexible and clearly interdisciplinary structure, the Master's Degree in Artistic Production provides instruction covering various curricular itineraries. The traditional divide between artistic techniques and genres is therefore bridged and linked to the areas of professional research and practice, which favour cross-cutting, applied models, thus meeting the training needs that the environment demands. The course focuses on a context that requires versatile and professional background competence at the highest level. Students may tailor their instruction through specialisation and by taking various subjects that deal with both new artistic trends and prospects in the labour market.


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