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Área de empleo

The máster offers to the students the realisation of practices in companies. Obligatoriamente All the students have to realise the module of practices (of 10 credits, and 150 effective).

The máster interuniversity keeps by the Integrated Service of Employment of the UPV or per the ADEIT of the UV, a series of agreements with different cultural institutions, so much of national field like international.

At present the students can realise practices in entities like the Intercultural Association MIDRASHIG, the Associació d'Estudis Fallers, the Associació Valencian of the Circ, the Bramante Teatre, the Cinema Jove, Cabbagelectiu Vall of Vernissa,the Commission of Social Activities. Faculty of Social Sciences (Universitat of Valencia), the Doctor Nopo. Cultural centre devoted to the Photography, the Federation of Independent Theatrical Spaces of the Valencian Community (FETI), the Federation of Musical Societies of the Valencian Community, the International Festival of Mediometrajes The Cabin; the Festival SEE, Freshcultura, the Foundation Ceimigra. Centre of Studies for the Social Integration and Training of Immigrants, the Cervantes Institute, the Municipal Institute of Culture of Meliana, the Valencian Institute of the Music. Generalitat Valencian, Jarit ( Civil association), Lluerna Teatre, the Museum of Fine arts of Valencia. Generalitat Valencian, the Museu Valencià d'Etnologia. Deputation of Valencia, the MUVIM (Deputation of Valencia), the Palau of the Music (City council of Valencia), Projecta / Culture / Turisme s.l.Or., Room October (Acció Cultural of the Country Valencià), Room Parpalló (Deputation of Valencia), SARC (Deputation of Valencia), Sedajazz, SGAE, Teatres of the Generalitat Generalitat Valencian, Theatre Caroig, Tornaveu, Valencia Receives, Forum Unesco, the Vicerectorat of Culture, Igualtat i Planificació (Universitat of València) or the Vicerrectorado of Culture of the Universitat Polytechnical of Valencia

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