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Description of the title

Master's Double Degree in Civil Engineering + Planning and Management in Civil Engineering


The Master's Degree in Civil Engineering (hereinafter MUICCP) enables the holder to pursue the profession of Civil Engineer, while the Master's Degree in Planning and Management in Civil Engineering (hereinafter MUPGIC) is oriented towards the field of construction management, not only from a professional, but also a scientific, point of view. Both these degree programmes, however, have many points in common.

Consequently, this double degree allows students to acquire the skills of both programmes through an integrated course, which both costs less and takes less time than obtaining both masters individually. Thus a student, rather than studying 120 ECTS on the MUICCP and 75 ECTS on the MUPGIC, will obtain a total of 165 ECTS on one single course, a saving of 30 ECTS and one teaching semester.


Teaching on this double master's degree (through the MUICCP) fully complies with the requirements of Order CIN/309/2009 of 9 February 2009, and therefore qualifies holders to exercise the profession of Civil Engineer; current Spanish law stipulates that this is a regulated profession that requires the official corresponding master's degree. In addition, the double master's degree (through the MUPGIC) broadens the skills and knowledge necessary for the planning and management of projects, constructions, infrastructure and companies in the construction sector.

Number of credits

The student will complete a total of 165 ECTS, including 7.5 ECTS for the MUICCP Thesis and 15 ECTS for the MUPGIC Thesis. In the case of students from the MUICCP, the total course duration is six semesters, although the last of them will have a teaching load of 15 ECTS corresponding solely to the MUPGIC Thesis.

Course structure

- 1st Year - Semester A: coincides exactly with the 1st year (semester A) of the MUICCP
- 1st Year - Semester B: coincides exactly with the 1st year (semester B) of the MUICCP
- 2nd year - Semester A: coincides exactly with the 2nd year (semester A) of the MUICCP
- 2nd year - Semester B: coincides with the 2nd year (semester B) of the MUICCP, with the prerequisite that students have to take the three following compulsory subjects: Investment Evaluation in Civil Engineering (code 33534; 4.5 ECTS), Integrated Management of Projects and Works (33535; 4.5 ECTS) and Finance and Advanced Management in Companies from the Construction Industry (33533; 4.5 ECTS). In addition, students have to complete their MUICCP Thesis (7.5 ECTS) and have an additional 9 ECTS for the subject of their choosing.
- 3rd year - Semester A: mostly coincides with the 1st year (semester A) of the MUPGIC, requiring the following compulsory subjects: Project Scheduling Techniques (32253; 3 ECTS), Project Management (32261; 4.5 ECTS), Works Administration and Management (31840; 6 ECTS), Health and Safety Management in Construction (31841; 4.5 ECTS), Research Methodology in Construction Management (32260; 4.5 ECTS), Quality Management and Sustainability in Construction (31836; 4.5 ECTS), and Innovation Management in the Construction Industry (31835; 3 ECTS).
- 3rd year - Semester B: Students have to prepare their MUPGIC Thesis (15 ECTS).

Addressed to

Students wishing to obtain an official university degree that qualifies them to practise the profession of Technical Engineer of Public Works.

Admission criteria

The criteria for admission to the master's double degree are exactly the same as those for the Master's Degree in Civil Engineering (MUICCP).


School of Civil Engineering

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