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Master's Double Degree in Civil Engineering + Planning and Management in Civil Engineering Vera (València) Campus, Universitat Politècnica de València

The Master's Degree in Civil Engineering (hereinafter MUICCP) enables the holder to pursue the profession of Civil Engineer, while the Master's Degree in Planning and Management in Civil Engineering (hereinafter MUPGIC) is oriented towards the field of construction management, not only from a professional, but also a scientific, point of view. Both these degree programmes, however, have many points in common.

Consequently, this double degree allows students to acquire the skills of both programmes through an integrated course, which both costs less and takes less time than obtaining both masters individually. Thus a student, rather than studying 120 ECTS on the MUICCP and 75 ECTS on the MUPGIC, will obtain a total of 165 ECTS on one single course, a saving of 30 ECTS and one teaching semester.

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